Need Some New Baby Toys? Look No Further

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First of all congratulations! You have a little one on the way and that’s what makes your search for some new baby toys, right? If yes, then you have come to the right page. Here we have some wonderful collections of toys that ensure your baby’s overall development and learning. Playing is an essential part of childhood for the universal growth of the baby. Through playing, your baby will come to know about the roaming world and the ways to interact with it. For babies, some meaningful toys are important as they help in sharpening their brain connections and growth. And you know what? This is the best way to keep your baby busy all the time with toys. Especially, when you are a working mom and you might not be able to stop everything and play with your kid. At that time toys are the savior for you. We know very well that mums are always the best for taking care of every single thing that relates to their babies. Whether it’s about the soft bed of their kid, cute clothes, or toys for their newborn.

Well, In nappies direct definitive guide, we have covered some best baby toys for all the mums out there. So, let’s dig into our curated list now!!

Toy Wimmer

![Toy Wimmer ](upload://nh8aFMGeACF8RxsirBBkYp30maq.jpeg)

The colorful and stimulating Wimmer will be cached by your baby at first sight and it will keep your baby’s attention in one place. This wimmer has a unique spinning design with contrasting colors for catching the baby’s attention. For the visual development of your baby, it has some images with bright colors. This unique collection of Wimmer from us comes in high contrasts. And this is also considered the best gift for babies for increasing their optical skills.



Puzzles are the best for keeping your babies busy with some digital learning. These puzzles are made up of sturdy and smooth material with a suitable size that is perfect for little hands to handle and play. The puzzle is well designed and planned for your kids to practice motor skills while learning.

Kick Play Piano Gym

![Kick Play Piano](upload://fq7c4nitixPkJ13rq7QhzJLH1r2.jpeg)

Kick play piano gym is the best toy especially if you want to invest in a long-time toy for your baby. And when you get them ready for gyming, pack your tiny tots in soft nappies. In fact, you can buy reusable nappies online that keep them dry during their activity. As we know it’s a notch with some deluxe piano keys, a toy arch, and four musical settings that rock your baby’s childhood for years. Its smart stage technology helps you in the best way to get adjusted according to the stage and age of your baby. This gym also has some engaging songs and phrases that will engage their developing senses.

A Rattle Toy

![A Rattle Toy ](upload://gVIv6V74JXSQsysKlhfkR4YER4J.jpeg)

On our online platform, we also recommend this soft toy with noise for your kiddo. This will help the baby for visual tracking both horizontally and vertically when you interact with them. It will help the baby to stimulate their vision and build attention span. The first-year rattle toy is multicolored with different designs and textures. For exercising their graspelling skills this is the perfect option to buy for. And the best part of this toy is that it’s easy to wash and you can even toss it into the washing machine when it needs a clean-up.

Activity Book

![Activity Book ](upload://xiNdY27VZKIdFNc7DNMwozHrJJU.jpeg)

This crinkly book offers your kid auditory stimulation and knowledge about day-to-day life objects with the help of images. “Activity books” will help your baby in learning about their world. So nappie direct is offering you this soft book as a hybrid between the book and the toy. The book also has an attached hook, that will help you to hang it on the baby bed or stroller for ongoing entertainment.

So these are some great toys for your growing babies that we avail you of, on our online store.