How to cut your baby's nails

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Cutting baby’s nails can be a frightening suggestion for any new parent. Is it safe? How would you actually go about it? Imagine a scenario in which you accidentally cut the baby’s finger. Since you can’t pay your pediatrician to trim those baby nails for you (we’ve attempted), this is what to remember.


Unfortunately, yes. This is a unique little something you truly would prefer not to do as a parent however need to at any rate. “Cutting baby’s nails is important to keep the nails clean and to help baby maintain a strategic distance from undesirable and unexpected scratches,” says Dane Snyder, MD, section chief of ambulatory pediatrics at Across the nation Children’s Medical Clinic in Columbus, Ohio.

With respect to when to cut baby’s nails, there’s actually no set time—you ought to do it at whatever point they’re long. Yet, remember that baby nails become quicker than grown-ups’, and typically require cutting around once every week, says Kristen Slack, MD, a pediatrician at Children’s Clinic of Philadelphia. A few babies are born with long fingernails, so you should begin recording or cutting newborn nails immediately. Be that as it may, you may need to trim those baby toenails less much of the time. “Frequently, toenails don’t develop as quickly in the newborn time frame, so you may notice they don’t should be cut as regularly as fingernails,” Snyder says.

Once you’ve surrendered yourself to the truth that baby nails need an ordinary trim, there are a couple approaches to approach the undertaking: You can utilize a nail record to sand the nails down or nail clippers to cut them. Peruse on to become familiar with the best possible technique for the two strategies.


Each pediatrician is extraordinary, however “I by and large recommend families exclusively record a newborn’s nails for an initial couple of long periods of life,” Slack says. “Indeed, even the most careful parent can accidentally cut the tip of a baby’s finger with scissors or clippers.”

To start with, get your hands on a baby nail record (they will, in general, be littler than grown-up variants), says Gina Posner, MD, a pediatrician at MemorialCare Orange Coast Medical Center in Wellspring Valley, California. At that point record baby’s nails to shorten them, adjusting the edges so the corners aren’t sharp. “It’s frequently simpler to document baby nails in the wake of washing when they’re gentler than expected, or while a baby is resting, when they’re more still than expected,” Slack says. Same goes for baby toenails.


The recording brings down the chances of accidentally cutting baby’s finger, yet “sometimes baby nails are bendable, so it’s difficult to document them,” Posner says.

To cut baby’s nails, get a baby nail clipper (many have security watchmen to bring down the danger of cutting baby). You presumably won’t have the option to get an adjusted nail corner with clippers, so it’s frequently useful to scrape down sharp corners subsequently, in the event that you can, Slack says. We’re not going to mislead anybody: That first baby mani-pedi can expedite heart palpitations. In any case, you’ll get the hang of it before long.

It very well may entice to avoid cutting those baby nails through and through and chomp them down rather—however, fight the temptation. “Parents shouldn’t utilize their teeth to keep away from the danger of infection and create a more controlled cutting process,” Snyder says. You’ll additionally need to take a pass on detaching the nails. “Certainly don’t tear,” Posner says. “You can tear excessively low and harm your child.”


Regardless of how careful you are, pinching baby’s skin is a distinct probability. On the off chance that you do happen to cut baby’s finger, you’ll most likely feel horrible yet you unquestionably wouldn’t be the principal parent to do it.

First of all: Don’t freak out. Rather, attempt to survey the injury. “On the off chance that you cut a great deal, go to the ER,” Posner says. In the event that it doesn’t look extreme, Slack recommends applying weight with a clean towel until the draining stops, at that point tenderly clean the zone with cleanser and water. “On the off chance that the cut continues to seep following a couple of minutes, call your pediatrician for advice,” she says. You ought to likewise call your pediatrician on the off chance that you see any redness, swelling or discharge like discharge from the damage or nailbed.

You can apply Neosporin to the cut twice per day until scab forms—yet avoid the Bandage, since it tends to be a choking risk. “In the event that a wrap is necessary, you’ll have to tape or securely cover the territory to keep any pieces from coming free,” Slack says. Additionally, don’t suck on the injury with your mouth, since you would prefer not to introduce any bacteria.

In the event that you cut baby’s finger, rest guaranteed it’s no big deal. “A great many people simply cut a small piece of skin, which is unnerving,” Posner says. “Be that as it may, actually, it will recuperate fine and dandy.”