A Personal Guide to Buying Toys for Your Babies 

Originally published at: https://nappies.co.nz/parenting-blog/a-personal-guide-to-buying-toys-for-your-babies/

Every person’s growth, development, and learnings start right after their birth. Toys are your baby’s first friend with whom they spend most of their childhood. Right from the stage of the infant to a baby and finally, to adolescence, there are several changes that your child goes through every day, but their favorite toys stick by their side.

Choosing a toy completely depends on the age of your child. They are colorful, playful and of-course, helps in the overall growth and development of your baby. They teach them to coordinate, and allows them to become more social. Remember, the toys should be attractive enough to grab your child’s attention.

So, below we have listed some of the best toys with an appropriate age group that should be a part of your baby’s toy collection.

Birth to Six Months

![squishy toys|300x300](upload://p1FgWJwPtxlM93KxBUv47qxxubh.jpeg)

This is the time when your baby is extremely sensitive and soft and it’s all about best nappies and sleeps all day. During this time your baby develops a habit of everything putting into the mouth therefore, take care that there are no harsh chemicals involved. Toys such as rattles, rings, squishy toys, and soft toys can be the best choice for your baby so that they can grab them easily and play.

Six Months to 1 Year

![musical toys|300x300](upload://zukZVEhw8IX3dYaorPMnb06FJkX.png)

During this period your baby learns to crawl and sometimes even start walking. They start eating solid food and are now aware of their likes and dislikes. This is the time to develop creative skills and visual stimulations in your baby, therefore toys like a wooden puzzle, stacking toys and musical toys work the best. They help your child to develop their creative skills and helps in the coordination of their different body parts.

1 Year Old to 2 Year

![magnetic numbers|300x300](upload://zxbl7p6ekRVFCZ3GnS1kmf7ldEM.jpeg)

Completing the first year with your baby is a big milestone. Now your baby can stand alone and can take a few steps easily. During this time music play an important role in your child’s development as they are hooked to their favorite songs. The repetition of lines helps them in improving their memory. Therefore, toys like musical guitars, mini pianos are your child’s favorite. Along with these toys now it’s time for your baby to learn alphabets and numbers therefore, ABC puzzles and magnetic numbers are a great way to introduce them to the world of study.

2 Year Old to 3 Years

![construction toys|300x300](upload://9sYtcKbcMcAwa3fReoU34R2kOY2.jpeg)

They can run and play every possible game with you starting from ice and water to hide and seek. This is the time when they are highly obsessed with painting colors and drawing sheets. Therefore, a pack of non-toxic colors can be a great choice for them. Also, you can introduce them to construction toys, barbie dolls, and books too. Make sure you involve them in most activities at this stage of life.

3 Year Old to 5 Years


Now your little one is ready for school. By this time your child is full of strength and it’s your responsibility to make proper use of it. Allow your child to go out and explore their surroundings, make them ride a bicycle. Bring them games like jigsaw puzzles, toy cars, and trucks. This is the time when you can inculcate good habits in them and make them understand the difference between right and wrong.

No matter what the age of your child is, make sure they have an ample amount of fun and colorful toys in their collection and unknowingly it will help them in their personal growth. You can easily find baby toys online for your bundle of joy.