6 Conscious Baby Essentials For New Parent

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Having a baby is a big deal as your life turns upside down overnight. Becoming a new parent can be quite overwhelming, but it comes with great responsibilities and duties. Before giving birth to a baby, a lot of preparations go behind the curtains. Right from setting up their wardrobes to the cribs and mattress and what not. From bathing essential to the bed time, people tend to organize every single detail possible.

Holding their hands and feeling their touch for the first is very special. Sometimes things can get a little hectic, but it’s all worth it when your baby smiles. Organizing their wardrobes and picking up everything single handedly is a different feeling altogether. Though newborns don’t require extensive wardrobes but there are certain essentials that new parents have to take care of. Right from comfiest clothes to best nappies and soft toys, the list is unending. Therefore, we decided to help you out.

So, here we have listed the 6 baby essentials that should be a part of their wardrobes and new parents should take care of

T-shirts and Long Pants

![T-shirts and Long Pants |300x300](upload://nMiforInBPWwMA8OpIqWQVjfpsW.jpeg)

Comfy T-shirts and long pants are your go to option when it comes to clothes for your newborn baby. They are comfortable to wear and can be washed easily. You will need a lot of them because of the regular spit ups. Make sure to pick a larger size as your baby will grow in the first few weeks and it won’t fit them any longer.

Knit Sweaters and Caps

![Knit Sweaters and Caps |300x300](upload://p7UpFFVKnjkzp8sWiKxdxsJtmVi.jpeg)

If you’re having a winter baby or you live in a cold climate then knitted sweaters and lots of caps are a must-have for you to keep them warm. These clothes will help your baby to maintain its body temperature throughout days and nights. If there are heavy winters make sure to wrap them in blankets.

Disposable Diapers

![Disposable Diapers |300x300](upload://b1jEi4Wx48BbOtRAbrNfNtH2Yjp.jpeg)

Disposable diapers are yet another must-have item for your little one. Have at least 3-4 packets of these so that you’re never short of them. Make sure to stock them again and again whenever there’s a sale near you. Pick up the softest diapers for your baby so that they can be comfortable throughout the night. You can easily find them in any medical shop near you.



Disposable wipes come in handy during diaper change. Make sure to add at least a packet of these in your baby’s travel pack and also near your dressing area. These wipes are easy to use and can be disposable easily. Try to avoid the fragrance one’s for the first few weeks as your baby’s skin is soft and can react to it.

Baby Bottles

![Baby Bottles |300x300](upload://lsWTmiE1RWyvxTYcGbxnl01QnoQ.jpeg)

For the first few months your baby will be only about sleep and eat but the menu is pretty limited as it starts from drinking milk and stops there only. While shopping for essentials for babies add at least three to four baby bottles to your shopping cart so that you don’t run out of them. Also a cleaning brush is a must-have with these bottles.

No matter if you live in hot weather, a baby blanket is a must-have for your baby to wrap around. You can easily wrap them in these before putting him or her down on the sheets. They make a great gifting option for new mums. If you live in cold weather then choose the heavier ones to protect your child from cold.

These are 6 essential items that you should pick for your baby. Along with these you can check baby toys online for the new addition to the family.