6 Adorable & Affordable Gifts For Your Favorite Little One 

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No matter what the occasion is everyone likes to unwrap gifts and especially, kids. Kids love toys and they play a very important role in your child’s overall growth and development. Several studies prove that educational toys help your child to think differently and inculcate the habit of sharing and caring in them right from the beginning.

The first few months of every baby are the most crucial time of their life in which they discover the world and people around them. These toys help them to learn different things and helps them to become more social. It is important to ensure that your child is spending enough time playing and learning new things every day. But sometimes, they can be heavy on your pockets, therefore, here we have some of the toys that you can gift to your little one, and at the time, they are affordable too.

So, here we have accumulated 6 gift items that you can pack for your little one that they will surely love

Soft Toys

![Soft Toy Online|300x300](upload://1KUpxHAUVCg4VN04LbvdmZkpwqx.jpeg)

Soft toys are a great option as a gift. The comforting feeling that your children get while hugging a soft toy helps to develop an emotional bonding in them. They are made up of cotton and cloth which makes them easy to grab and are easily washable. They come in different sizes and shapes that are affordable too. You can select their favorite animal in their favorite color as a gift.

Push Toys

![Push Toys |300x300](upload://uPRZUP9cAs2GStcQzIsxW5Jq2ei.jpeg)

Push toys are great for babies and are a unique addition to their toy collection. They motivate them to stand on their own and to take a few steps. A train, a bus, or a cartwheel anything that has wheels on them will work perfectly fine. They teach your little one coordination as push and pull toys require a lot of coordination. You can easily find this baby toy online and can get a great deal on it.

Doll House

![Doll House |300x300](upload://hsKIQoexebatiUpm3G20LdWOay0.jpeg)

Dollhouses are a girl’s favorite game. They are fun and vibrant that attract them and helps to develop emotional feelings towards another person in your child.

Colorful Balls

![Colorful Balls |300x300](upload://iDDyKEYxKnN7oAqXLGaxoj4b6vA.jpeg)

Balls are great for every age group right from an infant to an adolescent. They are fun and playful and are available in different vibrant colors that can easily attract your child’s attention. A ball is a must-have toy for every child in their toy-collection. They are inexpensive and a lot of fun to play with.

Non-Toxic Crayons

![non toxic caryons|300x300](upload://9f2mq5tW7R7M2wzCI4mQZ3NCG4.jpeg)

Crayons and paint colors become your child’s best friend as soon as they turn one year old. This is the age when everything goes directly into the mouth, therefore, if you’re planning to gift a set of crayons to someone then make sure they are 100% natural and made with non-toxic colors so that it does harm your them in any way possible. They are available in different colors and sizes and are affordable too.


![Puzzles |300x300](upload://dQoeff9o1AKdpiZ3irtXws1XMIs.jpeg)

Puzzles are fun to solve and also helps in the development of your child. There is a lot of variety of puzzles available in the market like you can choose the number puzzle or the alphabet one. They are a gift for children of 2-3 years of age. Make sure to check all the sides of the blocks so that they are completely safe and cannot bruise them in any way. Try to get your hands on the vibrant colors and different prints ones that can attract your kid to solve it.

If you’re planning to choose something new this time rather than the best nappies or clothes then these can be your go-to options.